Good Neighbors Farmers Market

Good Neighbors Farmers Market

By far the best cheap entertainment for young kids in the Orlando area. The farm animals are a major hit with kids 7 and under and can surely keep them entertained for quite awhile. There is food you can buy to feed all the animals and pay a small donation to hold certain animals. All proceeds go to maintaining the grounds and paying the small salaries of the employees.

There is always a band playing folk style music and your toddlers will love dancing around. There are food booths/ trucks and of course fresh produce and crafts.

Farmy, fun, produce, and good eats comes to mind immediately. It was really a nice change of pace from Lake eola’s market, though that one still remains my favorite. Rather than classy and collected, this farmers market is more rugged and country. Their is admission to get in ($2 per person), but I feel it is way worth it. My husband and I bought some delicious looking produce at a great price, and splurged on the pulled pork sandwiches and kona dogs for lunch. I would definitely come back for that bbq, but wasn’t crazy about the Hawaiian dog station- it was different. ..just not ‘my’ type of different.

Something I did not get to try or take advantage of, which I hope to next time, was a true float station (with rootbeer taps and ice cream) & their fresh fish section. I had to go in with a budget, but next time I will save some of my mula for the seafood.

And when you are done partaking in the markets goodies, you can go through a petting zoo area with goats, chickens, pigs, cows, and donkeys, etc. It seemed like everyone was having a blast, and so did we!

1101 Lloyds Ln
Oviedo, FL 32708
Winter Springs

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